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The development of China's hydraulic market in 2022

In April 2015, China's hydraulic industry has developed rapidly in recent years. In the past five years, the compound growth rate of the hydraulic parts market was 16.39%, accounting for about 20% of the world market, only behind the United States. Based on calculations based on the 2010 domestic market sales of 51.318 billion yuan, the sales of hydraulic parts in 2015 will exceed 100 billion yuan.
24 2021/09

Obtained ABS, DNV-GL, LR "Mechanical Connector Type Approval Certificate"

From March to April of 2020, the domestic new crown virus has been effectively controlled, and Yimiante also ushered in a lot of good news. Our "mechanical joints" have successively obtained ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), DNV-GL Group, and LR (UK Lloyd’s Register of Shipping) "Type Approval Certificate"... Established in 2005, Yimiante Hydraulics is a company that mainly integrates R&D, production and sales of compression fittings, welded joints, transition joints, hose joints, pipe clamps, Flange, quick connector and ball valve as a whole group company. Internet marketing should not be done by an independent department of an enterprise, but every department must participate in it. In other words, online marketing is more a management idea, not a simple means. Departments cooperate with each other and cooperate fully to promote each other before they can do a good job.
24 2021/09

The time for the promotion and application of domestic thin-walled stainless steel pipes is ripe

Thin-walled stainless steel pipes were produced and used only in the late 1990s in China. They are a newcomer in the field of pipe materials. They have been widely used in building water supply and direct drinking water pipelines. Thin-walled stainless steel pipes are durable and have been recognized by the engineering community, and the relevant parties are starting to reduce the wall thickness and lower the price to facilitate further promotion. Especially for small-caliber stainless steel pipes, the price is not high. Therefore, the matching connection method, the reliability of the pipe fittings and the price are the main factors that determine its development. Domestic developers in Sichuan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places have independently developed connection technology and pipe fittings, which are promising pipes. The Ministry of Construction and related departments also attach great importance to this new type of pipe. According to the China Technology Market Management Promotion Center and the Guokeshizi [2001] No. 71 document, on the promotion and application of "high-diameter wall ratio high-precision stainless steel medium and high-pressure water supply pipes and supporting It was learned from the notice of "Pipe Fittings and Special Technology" that the popularization and application of thin-walled stainless steel pipe technology and products are of great significance to improving the quality of modern buildings in my country and improving and ensuring the quality of water supply. At the same time, the Ministry of Construction attaches great importance to the promotion and application of thin-walled stainless steel pipes. The industry standard of "Thin-Wall Stainless Steel Water Pipe" was issued and implemented in 2001. The relevant pipeline engineering technical regulations and installation atlases have been issued by the Ministry of Construction and are being compiled by Tongji University. At present, there are professional manufacturers in Sichuan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places to produce thin-walled stainless steel pipes. The products have matured. Therefore, the time for popularization and application has come.
30 2021/09

How to build a network marketing system for hardware enterprises

It should be understood that the transformation from the original graphic marketing to the network interactive marketing is a comprehensive reform, which will involve all departments of an enterprise. If the top leaders or decision-makers of the enterprise do not have a comprehensive understanding of network marketing, or think it is a kind of Very simple marketing methods, this will bring very serious resistance to the establishment of the network marketing system, and now most of the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises' bosses or decision-makers are not very clear about network marketing, so relevant training and Cases are essential, let them know the benefits of online marketing! First of all, let them play their due role in the construction of the system!
30 2021/09

Eaton sells its hydraulic business

On January 22, 2020, Eaton (NYSE: ETN), a global power management company, today announced the sale of its hydraulic business and reached an agreement with Danfoss A/S, a Danish industrial company, to sell for US$3.3 billion in cash , Which is 13.2 times of 2019 EBITDA.
24 2021/09

How to deal with welding cracks in important welded joints?

Yimiante Hydraulics was established in 2005. It is a group company that mainly integrates R&D, production and sales of compression fittings, welding joints, transition joints, hose joints, pipe clamps, flanges, quick joints and ball valves. There are 4 branches around the world: Welding cracks are important in the treatment of welded joints: Welding cracks are the most important defects in welding and the most concealed. When cracks are found in the inspection, they must be polished and removed, and then PT inspection is carried out. No problem After that, polish the surface thoroughly. If the filler metal is removed by thermal cutting, an angle grinder must be used to polish the metal on both sides of the groove by 5-10mm after removal. Therefore, it is recommended to use a mechanical method. Fill metal for removal.
30 2021/09
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